I went to the theatre the other night, and I noticed some things that could be improved.

For one, this theatre used the old method of presenting your ticket, giving it to the usher so he/she/it can verify it.
Another problem was their old fashioned seating plan. I mean, yes, you can have folding seats, but I believe the future of seating lies in cuboids (to be fair, this theatre did have a small cuboid contingency outside; but I think the matter of cuboids worth mentioning, as many theatres don't).
Cuboids are harder to tip over, more colourful, and they look pretty cool too. I mean, think about it, even if cuboids aren't as practical as I believe, they're fun, and good for throwing at people you don't like.

As for presenting tickets, my method is much simpler: insert your ticket into your shoe (picture below), and whenever an usher asks for your ticket, simply kick them in the face.