Angel Delight

By Mister Harvey Winterval

Helloes to you, I am here to talk to you about a most perculiar thing that did occur on me, this very last Tuesday night.

Well, there I was, alright, driving my little yellow SMART car, doing that little dance that you do, that dance, the one where you tap your fingers on your toes and your legs fly away, right, and would you know it, I started feeling a bit peckish. And then, I suddenly noticed this big kneecap lying on my dashboard, and I thought, "Hullo, someone's left a perfectly good kneecap lying on my dashboard," and so I picked it up, and I began to eat it. But before you would know it, my car rolled off a cliff, and I was all "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR," and "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG," and "GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!," and "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," right, but then suddenly, a cloud of angels appeared around the car, and I said "I am floating, watch me with my floatingful goodness!" and the angels said "Ohh-aaaah. Yes, that is right, you are floating. Now, we would like something in return for this gift, something to make us more delightful" so I said "Ok, put my down by that floating supermarket and I shall get you something to make you more delightful."

And so the angels put me down by the floating supermarket, and I went inside to find a cash machine. On my way there, right, I saw this jelly mixture, except it wasn't called 'Jelly Mixture', it was called 'Angel Delight,' and I thought "Oh, I would like to buy this... this 'Angel Delight' of which you speak," then headed to the cash machine. Upon my return, bowl of Angel Delight in my hand, the angels said "Oh, yes, this shall indeed make us more delightful," and they took my Angel Delight and flew off. And I said to them,

"Oi! Come back, you bitches! Bring back my Angel Delight, I was gonna give you five hundred Euro, not my Angel Delight, you wankers!!!"

And that's amore